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2022年 9月 13日

MiQ Announces Partnership with Bridgepoint

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 — MiQ, one of the largest global programmatic media partners in the world, today announced a new key partnership with private equity group Bridgepoint. As part of the partnership, Bridgepoint will support MiQ’s existing management team to deliver the next phase of programmatic media solutions, with a focus on continued international expansion and client growth. This investment represents a realization for growth focused private equity firm ECI Partners, who have been partnered with MiQ since 2017, generating a 6.1x return.

Founded in London in 2010 by Gurman Hundal and Lee Puri, MiQ has transformed into a major global player in helping businesses to scale and deliver proven ROI through its media offering, analytical solutions and tech platform. The company turns data into high-performing advertising campaigns and provides real-time insights to drive tangible business change. Bridgepoint was selected due to its cultural and strategic alignment, and its ability to strengthen MiQ’s rapid growth trajectory through its experience in product development strategies and assisting businesses with their global expansion plans.

“Our success is built on revolutionizing the way companies can maximize data, but unique business challenges around data science, analytics and programmatic trading are getting more complex every day,” said Gurman Hundal, co-founder and Global Executive Chairman, MiQ. “Bridgepoint’s proven track record of innovative and scalable investments matches our ambition to move to the next chapter to deliver for our people and clients. We’d like to thank Tom Wrenn and the ECI team for the fantastic support in helping us develop over the past five years, helping us turn MiQ into a truly global business. We look forward to where MiQ is going over the next five years and beyond.”

“The connected and data-driven world continues to change and MiQ will evolve along with it,” said Lee Puri, co-founder, MiQ. “We’re beyond excited to work with Director Charles Welham and Partner and Chief Investment Officer Xavier Robert, as well as the entire Bridgepoint team, in this new milestone in our global growth journey.”

Charles Welham, director of Bridgepoint in London, said: “MiQ is a major global player partnering with some of the world’s leading brands and agencies to deliver high-performing advertising campaigns and drive true business change through data analytics and insights. It offers leading analytics solutions and platforms to companies everywhere and has achieved significant growth over the last few years. Gurman, Lee and the entire MiQ family have cultivated best-in-class processes around innovation, technology and data partnerships, and we look forward to providing the necessary expertise to help maximize the company’s market potential.”

Tom Wrenn, Partner at ECI comments, “It has been an amazing journey with Gurman and Lee, backing them in their ambition to grow MiQ into a global programmatic market leader. Since our investment the team have developed and executed an incredible North American expansion strategy, with over two thirds of group revenue now coming from the US. Delivering a 6.1x return is representative of the fantastic partnership, and Gurman and Lee’s enthusiasm and ambition has made this investment a career highlight. We wish them all the best for the next stage of the MiQ journey.”